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Your Time

Server Time

EXP Rate750

Drop Rate50

Penya Rate1500

Box ein-/ausblenden
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Item Mall

Vote Items
2 VPoints
Mask / Glasses
500 DPoints
800 DPoints
Vote Items
4 VPoints
Fashion Female
150 DPoints

Welcome to Saga Flyff 2.0 Halloween in Madrigal!

We are pleased to welcome you to a better version of Saga Flyff. First we would like to apologize for the wipe out which is inevitable. I believe that this is the start of something new for us. I hope that the server will still receive the same support from you guys. We are working with our very best to deliver quality gaming to you.

Patch Note 2.5 Halloween in Madrigal!

Patch Note March 31,2018



500 dp Wing Mask's stats have increased
Set Effects of Shinining Glory Sets have been increased
Set effects of Kalgas Sets have been increased



Increased RC Bag Drops in Tuko 
Increased RC Bag Drops in Wilds and Savage Wilds



New Jewelries SOFA's alchemy level requirement is now 35 and price is lowered to 3500 DP Tokens


Easter Sunday Event!

A total of 200 Easter Eggs will spawn everywhere in Madrigal this Sunday 
1 Easter Egg=500 dPoints


Patch Note 2.4 Halloween in Madrigal!

Red Chip Bag Shop

  • 30-day accessory set is now available for 45,000 RC Bags
  • Recipes for new cards now available for 260 RC Bags
  • Scroll of Selected Party for 5 RC Bags

[Circus Coin Shop] Ismeralda

  • Added new Potion recipes
  • Added new Bead recipes

Perin Shop

  • Added new hairs which costs 75,000 Perins and give +2 Lucky Box

[Silver Heart Merchant] Flaris Mayor

  • Revamped the stats of the shields in silver heart merchant


  • Increased HP  of Elestra




Patch Note 2.3 Halloween in Madrigal!


·         Keep Connected event is active until Feb 14 (online for 1hour and receive 40 perins)( online for 2hours and receive 6pcs Lasa&rsquos Gift Box)

·         10x Exp event is active until Feb 14

·         Reward for newbies who reach lvl 15, 59 and 60

·         When you reach lvl 15 you receive 3pcs Ampli Scrolls

·         When you reach lvl 59 you receive Gift Pack (includes Baby Triceratops and Rubick Zeal Cape good for 7days)


Collecting Area

·         DP Token pieces can be collected in Collecting Area

·         You can exchange DP Token pieces to the Exchange Manager Collins


DP Token Shop

·         Scroll of Random Stats Added

·         Scroll of Unbinding

·         Shining Glory Weapons

·         Frosthunter and Blood Hunter

Ismeralda (Circus Coin Shop)

·         New recipes added for Mega HP and Medium HP Bottle

·         Mega HP Bottle and Medium HP Bottle heals 4b hp


RC Bag Shop (Annie)

·         New recipes for new wing masks added (worth 7500 RC Bags)



·         World Bosses&rsquo HP now fixed

Patch Note 2.2 Halloween in Madrigal!

2 World Bosses are now in game.

World Boss [Behemoth] respawns every 1 AM GMT+8:00 or Server Time
World Boss [Basilisk] respawns every 6 PM GMT+8:00 or Server Time
Drop: Random number of Red Chip Bags and Perins

Great Tuko also now respawns in Saint Morning


Patch Note 2.1 Halloween in Madrigal!

  • Rebirth Stone v2.0 reduced cost to 2500
  • Added random box of fashion parts in the premium shop under vote items category
  • Added new pets in the Alchemy Shop
  • x5 penya and x10 exp rzate is on going
  • Box of Perin is now available in Collecting Area
  • Box of Perin is also droppable in some bosses like Behemoth,Kheldor and Razgul
  • Collecting Area gives you 1 perin as well
  • FITA Cloak is available in the perin shop for 12500
  • Fita Cloak gives +1 Lucky Box
  • More plants droppable in bosses like Razgul,Behemoth and Kheldor

Top Donators Of April Halloween in Madrigal!

Congrats Top Donators Of April:

1. Place: yoad9898 donated: 300 USD, reward 1000 Epoints

2. Place: nosferatu2 donated: 0 USD, reward 600 Epoints

3. Place: nosferatu donated: 0 USD, reward 250 Epoints


Top Donators Of March Halloween in Madrigal!

Congrats Top Donators Of March:

1. Place: amialif donated: 30 USD, reward 1000 Epoints

2. Place: furiamagi donated: 15 USD, reward 600 Epoints

3. Place: kilga92 donated: 10 USD, reward 250 Epoints


Top Donators Of February Halloween in Madrigal!

Congrats Top Donators Of February:

1. Place: Vixen22 donated: 140 USD, reward 1000 Epoints

2. Place: bugalcath donated: 100 USD, reward 600 Epoints

3. Place: igloman donated: 100 USD, reward 250 Epoints


Top Donators Of January Halloween in Madrigal!

Congrats Top Donators Of January:

1. Place: asaharabrandon donated: 590 USD, reward 1000 Epoints

2. Place: guygigo1 donated: 180 USD, reward 600 Epoints

3. Place: atunaktete donated: 110 USD, reward 250 Epoints


100% dPoint bonus Halloween in Madrigal!

100% dPoint Bonus is on going in Paypal until January 31. Purchase dPoints now while the event lasts.

Valid only for 40$ donations and above