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Welcome to Saga Flyff Halloween in Madrigal!

Hi Everyone! We are a new server launched last August 2018. Join our Discord Group so that you will be updated of what's going on in the server and so that the Team can assist you to whatever your queries are. Come and Join us now!!

Patch Note Halloween in Madrigal!

Patch Note October 3,2018



  • Stats of the Guitar Cloaks were changed to +800 stats, +250% attack,hp,mp,Speed+25%
  • Stats of Rising Sun Weapons and Shields were also increased
  • Set Effects of the World Boss Token Sets were increased



  • Colosseum Monsters in Normal mode now drop Colosseum Rune
  • Colosseum Runes are used to buy models for transmutation at Ismeralda
  • Behemoth Dungeon Cooldown reduced to 30 minutes only
  • Mars Mine Dungeon will now drop Box of Red Chips


Class Changes/Stats

  • Block Rates for all classes were increased by 30%
  • Critical Damage base damage was reduced to 10%
  • Reflect Damage was increased
  • Increase Attack Rate base damage was reduced to 10%



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