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Latest Item Mall Addition
News & Updates
Open Beta Test

Good Day Everyone!

We are so happy to announce that the server is now in its Open Beta Test. We would like to hear from you how we can improve the gaming experience in the new Saga Flyff. After a days of testing, server will be wiped out again to start its official launching. The future of the server lies in your hands. Feel free to post your comments and suggestions in our discord channel.


Basic Information:

  • Exp Rate: x1000
  • Penya Rate: x1500
  • Drop Rate: x500
  • Max Awakening: 100
Patch Notes [October 22, 2023]

Good Day!

Here are the following updates made on October 22,2023.

  • Red Chips now drop at v18 dungeons
  • Bloody Yggdrasil Armor Parts now drop at Behemoth Dungeon Boss
  • Axinite, Citrine, Rhodonite, Dolomite,Chaorite & Ametrine Accessory parts now drop at Kheldor
  • Demonic Weapons now drop at Contaminated Trail Dungeon Final Boss
  • Random Stats can now be applied to Fashion, Accessories, Pets, Cloak and Mask
  • Fashion Sets now added in the Red Chip Shop Wafor
  • Primordial Weapon Set added in the item mall.
  • Celestial Armor Set added in the item mall
  • Perfect Raise Pets added in the item mall
Patch Notes [October 28,2023]

Good Day! 

Here are the following changes and updates made on October 28, 2023.

  • Fashion Set added in the Item Mall
  • Cloak and Mask added in the item mall
  • Buff Pet added in the item Mall
  • 4 Brand new Anarchy Buffs added
  • Red Chips will now drop from Barga, General Razgul, Kalgas, and Cursed Aminus Final Boss
  • Reduced drop of Scroll of Random Stat 
  • Meteonyker Lucky Box Set will now drop from Red Meteonyker Boss & Cursed Aminus Final Boss
  • Lowered Exp Rate
Patch Notes [November 05,2023]

Good Day! 

Here are the following changes and updates made on November 05, 2023

  • You can now apply Baruna 100% cards to your Pierced Armor Suit
  • You can now upgrade your armor parts
  • You can now upgrade your primordial demonic and demonic shield
  • Increased success rate of upgrading your accessories
  • Increased success rate of piercing your shields/weapon
  • Increased success rate of upgrading your ultimate weapon
  • Decreased cooldowns of dungeons
Patch Notes [November 13, 2023]

Good Day! 

Here are the following changes and updates made on November 13, 2023

  • Added Item Wiki System
  • Increased damage and hp cap to more than 2.1b
  • Damage Spacing Added
  • HP, MP and FP Display Fixed when it reaches to Millions and Billions
  • Fixed Stats display for raise pet and buff pets
  • Added Pet Filter System
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